Dena J. DiOrio

Dena J. DiOrio
Dena is a writer and a loving mother to her very busy toddler son and rescue dog. Although her favorite job is being a mom to her two awesome boys, she also has a penchant for experiential travel, eclectic cuisine, and all things spa. Raised in Cleveland, Ohio, Dena moved to the Lowcountry from New York City where she worked for international hoteliers and at some of the city's top restaurants. She recently received a Masters in Professional Writing from New York University. An avid yogi and snowboarder, Dena enjoys playing at the beach with her son, teaching him how to snowboard, and going on family road trips with both her boys.
Girls gathered together for Holi, covered in colorful powders.

Understanding Holi, the Hindu Festival of Colors

When springtime rolls around in late February to mid-March, each year millions of people of the Hindu faith and non-Hindus alike take to the streets (or gather in private) in their respective communities to...
winter home spa: olive oil

DIY Home Spa – Winter Edition

Winter . . . it may drum up different connotations for different people. But when the temperature drops and the slog of the season is upon us, some days it may take a concerted...
ski resorts: a family of four ski down a snowy mountain

Family-Friendly Ski Resorts Near Charleston

Looking to plan a family-friendly ski or snowboard trip? Consider one of these six mountains, all within a six-hour drive from Charleston. Load the gear, pile in, and hit the road for a snow-filled...

6 Tips for a Successful Road Trip with Toddlers and Dogs

As many mamas here know, there is an art to surviving a road trip with a toddler, especially with his best bud tagging (or wagging!) along! My family has gone on several dozen long-haul...

This Weekend: Celebrate Italian-American Heritage at the Summerville Italian Feast

October is National Italian-American Heritage and Cultural Month and what better way to celebrate than with a good ol’ cannoli! Grab the bambinos and drive out to Hutchinson Square this weekend for the Summerville...
citrus water in a glass with ice, mint, and slice of watermelon on the rim.

DIY Home Spa – Summer Edition

Whew, what a busy summer it has been! And now with back-to-school on our heels, making time for self-care between chasing after littles, preparing lunches, and slathering on sunscreen can seem like an overbearing...
Swim Schools: a female swim instructor teaches three children in the pool.

Water Safety First! Swim Schools in Charleston

With Memorial Day weekend behind us, pool season is officially here! As National Water Safety Month comes to a close, it’s time to home in on the kiddos’ water safety and swim skills. Here...

DIY Home Spa – Spring Edition

As moms, we can sometimes fall into the trap of putting the needs of others before our own. This often happens to me, so I find myself consciously building in self-care time. In celebration...

How the Power of Gratitude Impacts Well-Being

Gratitude is attitude. You’ve probably heard this expression before. I had, too, but I didn’t quite understand the meaning until I began to cultivate a gratitude practice of my own. When I first moved to Charleston...

The Nursery, Our Sanctuary

Without a doubt, my son’s nursery is the most peaceful room in our home, which is a modest two-bedroom apartment. It’s not just where my 18-month-old sleeps, and often my dog, and sometimes even...