This Is Why I Run


Before you get your hopes up, this isn’t an article about my skills as a runner. I am quite the opposite, really. I’ve never been able to enjoy running. I’ve never been taught the actual way to run. I literally feel like I’m dying when I run. Anyone with me?

Walking is my jam. I’m the girl that can cheer on some runners all day long. But like I said, this article isn’t about running. Or even walking.

It’s about support. Mental health support for moms. See what I’m getting at?

The 19th Annual Moms’ Run 5K Walk/Run is on May 7th this year. This event is hosted by Postpartum Support Charleston, a local nonprofit organization that supports women in the Tri-County area with maternal mental illnesses.

I’ve shared my story before, and I’ll share it as many times as I can. I have suffered from postpartum depression and Bipolar 2 after I had my boys, and I know how tough it is as a new mom to feel those feelings.

Despair. Anxiety. Hopelessness. Anger. Isolation.

Being able to receive support from Postpartum Support Charleston literally saved my life. It CHANGED my life. I work hard every day to get moms the support they need.

I’m a survivor, and I have run in the Moms’ Run in the past to prove to myself that I am strong. My family has walked with me to show how proud they are of me for overcoming those tough days. And that means the world to me.

Having a community that recognizes this struggle and is there to cheer ME on. That’s worth everything. Knowing that I can talk openly about what I went through. Knowing that I can still reach out to the same women that I did five years ago when I was struggling.

Knowing that I won’t be judged for having a hard day as a mom.

This is why I run. This is why I support the Moms’ Run.

So, this Mother’s Day weekend, come on out. Even if you have never struggled with a maternal mental illness, join us as we support the mamas who have. Show them that we can all come together and support each other — through good times and bad. We are all in this together.


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