Expanding Read Across America Day to Celebrate Reading All Year


Read Across America Day: children in a row, each reading a book.Read Across America Day celebrates Dr. Seuss’ Birthday on March 2nd! It’s a day to share our love for reading and the importance of reading and literacy with others.

I have a confession to make: I LOVE reading; I love the library; I love everything to do with reading; and books on books on books.

One thing I can slip into the habit of is having a mile-high stack of books that my husband, my girls, and I have accumulated. So that’s got me thinking, what can I do to continue to spread the love of reading beyond just today?

What if we extend our Read Across America “Day” as a ripple effect for our neighborhoods and communities?

I have come up with a list of ideas inspired by Read Across America Day to kick off this ongoing love of reading that I have, for not only my family but, for others.

Ways to Expand Read Across America Day

For at Home

Read a book about a different culture that has recipes in it and have a themed dinner with your kids! One of my fondest memories as a little girl was reading Aunt Flossie’s Hats (and Crab Cakes Later) and making crab cakes with my mother as the ultimate “book coming to life” moment!

This is something I love to do, it’s as easy as going to your local library and asking the librarian to steer you in the right direction! Here are some other books that have a tasteful element:

For Your Neighborhood

My neighborhood has a book club that meets once a month. It’s not anything too daunting for me to attend once every three weeks, and it keeps me accountable to continue to read!

If that’s too much right now, simply talk with your neighbors about what books you’re each currently reading!

  • Little Free Libraries 

This has been a lifelong goal of mine to have a little free library in front of my house!

You can type in your zip code at this link and find a little free library around your area. I have found when I’ve stopped by these little libraries in neighborhoods, there is always a plethora of different varieties of books for kids and adults.

Here’s a tip: ALWAYS ride around with a book or two in your car so when you spot a little free library you can stop and exchange your book with one there. Way to pass on the passion of book reading!

For the Community

Donate your books to a local shelter or charity! We all can get so caught up in our love for books that we forget others may not have resources readily available to them. We all can donate our favorite books to share! There are so many local organizations that accept gently used books, even libraries at times.

For the Mom on the Go

My 90’s kid at heart sings boldly to you, quoting Arthur the Aardvark, “Having fun isn’t hard when you have a library card!”

GET A LIBRARY CARD! I cannot tell you how much of a blessing Charleston County Library has been for me and my family.

There’s a plethora of events to attend, reading times, easy book pick-up/drop-off, and here’s the other plus, audiobooks! Obtaining a library card allows you to access the Libby by Overdrive App (ebooks, audiobooks) and Hoopla (ebooks, audiobooks) so you can read on the go straight from your phone, kindle, tablet, or in the car!

Check out the local libraries — it’s as simple as just walking into the library and asking a staffer HOW can I get a library card?

The best part is if you bring your kids along with you, there is a great kids area and they will be easily entertained by kid-friendly computers, books, and toys . . . it’s the perfect last-minute activity and rainy day activity. The library is the most welcoming space around town!

With a library card, you can have access to the many resources, events, and books the library offers. Plus, they have the best year-round, book-related events there is!

So tell us, how are you expanding Read Across America Day to spread the love of reading in daily life?

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Dani Lindstrom
Dani, a Charleston Native, returned to her roots to raise her family in 2020. An alumni of the College of Charleston, Dani began her career as an educator teaching kindergarten and preschool special education before earning her Masters of Theological Studies and Masters of Divinity from Columbia International University. Dani's passion is encouraging families and children to live a healthy sustainable lifestyle and loves to give back to the community! In her free time, you can find her cycling, hiking, and running, but mostly tending to her 80+ houseplants, outdoor vegetable garden, or out in nature with her husband Justin, daughters IvyFaith, EdenGrace, and Labradoodles Hootie and Wrigley. To keep up with Dani, follow her on Instagram @FoliageFaith


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