Let’s Talk About Taylor Swift and the NFL

Taylor Swift performing on stage.
Photo credit: Allie Strickland

Are you ready for it?

TIME’s 2023 Person of the Year, 12-time (probably more after Sunday night) Grammy winner, Primetime Emmy Award winner, first tour to hit one billion dollars in revenue, 40 American Music Awards, 40 Billboard Music Awards, 23 MTV Video Music Awards, worth 1.1 BILLION dollars, re-recording music that was stolen from her to top all music charts for the second time, generated 331.5 million dollars for the NFL . . . bringing families together, and much much more.

Mad Over Taylor Swift Screen Time

Yet, all some seem to talk about is her boyfriend, Travis Kelce, or how tired they are of seeing her on their screen during NFL games.

I think we all need to calm down and stop being so loud!

Taylor is a girlfriend going to NFL games to support her man. She’s living her best life, and not caring about some of you “dads, Brads, and Chads” who are upset about seeing her gorgeous (where are my Reputation Swifties at) face on TV! She is truly just existing, and enjoying her life!

The Message to Our Girls

I don’t think a lot of us realize the implications of these bitter words to the little girls in our lives . . .

When our daughters hear “Gosh, I am so sick of seeing her face on TV. She’s ruining the game of football,” they are hearing “Be smaller; be less; or be what men think you should be.”

I think seeing Taylor Swift for 25 seconds (the amount of time she was shown during the AFC Championship Game) out of a 3-hour game is not a big deal — and if it is, we need to do some self-reflection! 

Taylor Swift’s Presence Brings More Community

Listen, I am the absolute first one to say I really don’t want the Kansas City Chiefs winning the big game. Ya girl was born and raised a Pittsburgh Steelers fan!

But yet, I will tell you that I absolutely cannot wait to see Taylor jamming out to Usher during the halftime show, and enjoying the game.

I am excited to scroll social media leading up to and after the game, seeing little girls and their dads high-fiving when they see Taylor on the screen, a crazy catch by Travis Kelce (Travis, please do the Bejeweled dance!), or Kansas City scores!

I am eager to see what friendship bracelets some fans come up with supporting Kansas City and the 49ers!

I am thrilled that so many more women are getting into football, and asking questions about the game.

I am excited to see all the pictures of Taylor and friends in the suite having a blast!

It warms my heart to see a couple in a healthy, happy, and loving relationship finally shown by the NFL.

I am mostly excited to raise little football-loving Swifties!

Let’s all come together, and have FUN watching the game of football! And lastly, if someone wants to find me some Eras Tour tickets, I’d be forever in your debt!

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Jamie is an Atlanta, GA native who recently moved to Summerville with her husband, her *almost* 2-year-old son, and her two crazy rescue dogs! She is a former high school biology teacher, who now works from home! In her free time, you can find her exploring yummy Charleston restaurants, trying new DIY projects in her house, or taking care of her 25+ plants! Jamie also enjoys reading, traveling, cheering on her beloved GA Bulldawgs, and just relaxing with her family! Becoming a mom has revealed some of Jamie’s passions, including sharing/writing about motherhood.



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