Charleston Moms EATS: Famulari’s


Welcome to Charleston Moms EATS! Here we highlight the goodness that is local food in the Lowcountry. It might be a particular dish, a unique drink, or a restaurant that needs to be on your must-try list.

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Famulari’s Pizzeria and Brewing Co.

Seven locations: Azalea Square Summerville, Oakbrook Summerville, Goose Creek, West Ashley, James Island, Daniel Island, and Hanahan.

Picture this: It’s 4:00 p.m. on a Friday. The kids are home from school, your partner is exhausted from a full week of work, and you have the task of deciding what’s for dinner. Again.

Well, look no further than Famulari’s Pizzeria and Brewing Company. With seven different locations in Charleston, you are bound to be in a delivery area. But hey, if you aren’t, it’s absolutely worth a drive!

The Food at Famulari’s

Let’s start with the obvious go-to order: pizza. Crispy, flavorful crust with fresh toppings, made to order. My (picky) son always orders the “Colin Special” — literally dough, olive oil, and cheese. Y’all, I would eat a whole Colin Special by myself, it’s that good. But if you are one who likes ALL the toppings and more, you have to check out their Chicago Style pizza. Mouth-watering, thick, cheesy . . . you can eat one slice and be satisfied (but I would never judge you if you ate more — I do). And of course, the calzones are the size of your head. Delicioso!

Pizza isn’t what you want tonight? Well, don’t you worry. Famulari’s has some delicious sandwiches and burgers. My favorite, as a vegetarian, is the Pub Burger with a portobello mushroom cap. Cheese curds, provolone cheese, pub cheese, and jalapeños. Y’all, I can’t. It’s too good.

I could go on and on about the food because it really is that good. The chicken fingers are a must for my husband, and the fried cheese curds and zeppoles as a dessert are the kids’ favorites.

The Brewery

Now, let’s move on to the brewery aspect of Fam’s. Their James Island location houses the brewery, but all locations serve their tasty beer. With local names like “Folly Razz” and “Southern Sippin'”, these beers are perfection. Not to mention, they are all only $5, and they have $10 flights. They also sell crowlers and growlers if you decide you want to take some home after dinner.

The Atmosphere

Fam’s atmosphere is always welcoming. They understand the kiddos and have entertainment for them at most locations. For example, there are several arcade games at James Island and an outdoor patio with building blocks at Cainhoy.

The Heart of Famulari’s

And just to add some icing to the cake, Fam’s is so supportive of local nonprofit organizations, donating portions of their sales to different organizations. This family business that started in Summerville in 2008 has been voted the Best Pizza almost every year since.

Fam’s. It’s my family’s favorite restaurant. We are all able to find something we love, and support a wonderful family business at the same time.

P.S. My father-in-law practically lives at the James Island location — ask for Brian Weakley when you go in there. He’s a dedicated customer. He rarely eats their pizza or drinks their beer, but it’s his favorite place to be. Proves how good of a restaurant it is. 

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