5 Ways Non-Football Fans Can Enjoy the Big Game on Sunday


Do you find yourself yawning at the mere mention of touchdowns and tackles? Does the thought of football verbiage make your eyes glaze over? Fear not, because for this big game on Sunday, you can be the MVP of the party without having to become a football fanatic. Here’s a playbook for adding some excitement to the big game, even if you’re not a fan . . .

Non-Football Fans: a crowd cheers with a football field in the foreground.Fun That Non-Football Fans Can Cultivate

  1. Touchdown Treats

Turn the snacks into a culinary touchdown! Whip up some football-themed treats like touchdown tacos, field goal sliders, and quarterback quesadillas. Get creative with your kitchen skills, and you’ll have everyone cheering for your culinary abilities. 

2. Team Spirit Fashion Show

Who says jerseys are just for football enthusiasts? Host a Team Spirit Fashion Show with your friends, complete with face paint and fun foam fingers. You might not know the quarterback’s stats, but you can certainly rock team colors with style! Extra points if you can mash Taylor Swift style with Travis Kelce!

3. Halftime Extravaganza

The halftime show is a spectacle in itself. This year Usher will be performing during the halftime show, so dust up those “Yeah” dance moves and organize a mini talent show or dance-off during the break! Whether it’s a goofy dance routine or a memorable karaoke session, bring your own entertainment to the party!

4. Game Day Bingo

Create a bingo card with predictions for the game. Include things like “touchdown celebration dance,” “coach’s angry face,” or “terrible call your husband thinks the referee has made!” It’s a fun way to keep everyone engaged, even if you’re not following the game closely!

5. Commercial Break Critique

Not a fan of the game? Be a critic of the commercials! Rate and review each ad, or better yet, create your own commercial commentary. It’s a humorous way to keep the non-football fans entertained and relatable!

Remember, the big game is about more than just the game — it’s an opportunity to have a blast with friends and family! So even if you can’t tell a quarterback from a runner back, these tips will help you become the Super Bowl superstar without having to utter the words “pick six!”


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