Charleston Moms FAVORITES: A Busy Mom’s Favorite Costco Finds


Welcome to our series Charleston Moms FAVORITES! In a season of parenting that feels especially hard, our team is excited to share some of the things that are making us happy and helping us get through the days. 

Y’all, I have hit peak adulthood. How do I know I’m there? Because I get way too much enjoyment out of going to Costco, talking about Costco with friends at parties, and only serving items purchased at Costco at aforementioned parties.

Costco is my new Target in that I go there to relax now. Walking the wide aisles is like therapy, and I’m here for it. Come with me as I point out my favorite things to buy during these “therapy sessions”.

My Favorite Things to Buy From Costco

1. Hand-Pulled Rotisserie Chicken Breast

This may look like a big weird bag of mystery meat, but let me tell you — it’s delicious! It’s more expensive per pound than I usually pay for chicken breast but time is money and this bad boy will save you so much time. It also saves you the ick factor of having to touch raw chicken! My family uses this in salads, fajitas, soups, and casseroles. The chicken is unseasoned so it’s a blank slate to use in your culinary creations. Costco’s whole rotisserie chickens are also a good choice for busy parents who want to put out a flavorful meal in no time.

costco chicken2. Caesar Salad

Throw some chicken (see #1) on top of this salad and “voila!” dinner is served. It’s also delicious without adding anything to it. The package comes with fresh romaine lettuce, shredded parmesan cheese, croutons, a delicious dressing, and some lemon slices. Costco realizes this salad is bigger than what most families can consume in one dinner, so they have thoughtfully divided the fixins’ into separate little baggies to keep them fresh and portioned for another meal. Love you, Costco!

costco salad3. Stacy’s Pita Chips

Mmmm, Stacy’s. These Simply Naked pita chips are the perfect vessel for your preferred dip, be it hummus, buffalo chicken, or spinach artichoke. They are crunchy, just salty enough to be satisfying, and affordable — especially when on sale, which tends to be pretty often. No party is complete without a bag or two of Stacy’s.

costco stacy's4. Fruit & Veggie Trays

These pre-cut fruit and vegetable trays are a no-brainer when planning a get-together. For around ten dollars each, you get a substantial amount of fresh produce, all perfectly prepped and ready to go. The veggie tray even comes with ranch dip. We’ve been known to buy a tray to keep at home for easy access snacking. Costco has you covered when the thought of washing, peeling, and cutting crudité becomes a barrier to eating healthy. They make it so easy for us!

costco veggies fruit5. Kevin’s Natural Foods Entreés

Kevin’s makes some delicious dinners! A package comes with two pouches of two servings each that can be microwaved, cooked on the stovetop, or frozen for later use. Cilantro Lime Chicken was in stock when I visited, and we’ve tried (and loved) the Thai-Style Coconut Chicken and Lemongrass Chicken in the past. For a quick meal, I steam veggies and rice in a rice cooker and microwave some Kevin’s to put on top. Yum!

costco kevins6. All the Baked Goods

Costco carries some great baked goods at amazing prices. Some of our favorites are the ginormous muffins (I cut these in half and freeze them), the Italian loaf, and French croissants. They are fresh, baked in-house, and a good value. Pro tip: Make some chicken salad with the hand-pulled rotisserie chicken, add a few sliced grapes and serve on top of a lightly toasted croissant. *mouth waters*

costco baked goods7. The Cakes

I could’ve included this in #6, but I feel the Costco cakes deserve their own section. My son recently celebrated his 6th birthday and he requested one of these. This kid knows what’s up. For only $19.99 you get a half-sheet cake filled with two pounds of glorious mousse and covered in buttercream frosting that feeds 48 people. It is seriously delicious. Costco only offers two flavors (vanilla and chocolate), and a limited selection of designs, but you can always order a plain one and decorate it yourself as I did with this Godzilla and Kong one. If a cake for 48 people seems like overkill, they also sell smaller round ones for $12.99 that can be personalized.

costco cake8. Kirkland Signature 100% Colombian Coffee

Busy parents require fuel. My favorite fuel is caffeine. Kirkland Signature is Costco’s store brand and it’s good stuff. This coffee is particularly good because it’s strong, dark, affordable, and comes in a mass quantity. You can also find this brew in Keurig pods if you don’t drink yours by the potful. If dark coffee isn’t your thing, Kirkland Signature has some light and medium roasts as well as seasonal flavors, too.

costco kirkland9. French Macarons

A box of 36 French Macarons isn’t really a necessity, but it sure is a nicety! Busy parents deserve nice things and I recommend these as a special treat. They are beautiful (those colors!) and just as delicious as macarons I’ve tried from real French bakeries. Seriously. The last time I was at Costco they were on sale for $12.69. They are still a steal at their regular price of $16.99; that’s less than 50 cents each!

costco macarons10. The Free Samples & Snack Bar

I’m a big fan of multitasking. That’s why I tend to visit Costco during the day to accomplish grocery shopping and lunch simultaneously. I enjoy trying the free samples and grabbing a quick, super cheap lunch from the snack bar. Although it’s not the healthiest choice, sometimes I get the hot dog and soda combo. It’s been priced at $1.50 since it was introduced in 1985! They also have huge pizza slices, Caesar salad, smoothies, and warm churros. Visit with caution: your kids may get hooked on the snack bar and beg you to go there for dinner as mine do!

costco samplesWhat are your favorite Costco finds?!

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